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A little About Me


Hi! My name is Stacy, here’s a little bit about me

I had a wonderful childhood growing up in Long Island NY, my days were spent loving gymnastics, ice skating, ice hockey, playing my records in the basement while singing into a hairbrush as my microphone and dreaming of singing before large crowds of people one day.

Being the type of kid that my parents called a jumping jelly bean, I never sat still for too long.  In high school I took up beauty culture and became a hairdresser before I graduated high school. I loved being creative whether it was hairdressing, baking, cooking, singing, or beauty & fashion.  I would babysit on Friday and Saturday nights just so I could go to the stores to buy a new pair of Levi corduroys  or some cool blue eye shadow… lol – yes, it was the in the late 70’s.

Years quickly passed by and I become a wife and mother of 3 children. I worked in full time ministry traveling the USA and Canada sharing the Good News of the gospel through word and song. I also became a Christian recording artist, I recorded my album at Kenneth Copeland studios. 

In the middle 90’s I moved to Southwest Florida and went to Bible college, while working full time at a church.

I battled many physical issues that has tried to slow me down and knock me out of the race of life. The doctors told me many years ago I would be wheelchair bound and living a life of chronic pain but I have pushed through many dark times with faith in God’s healing power.

Today I am a Glamma to 3 grandsons and have a husband that honors God and me.

You will still find me singing and speaking  wherever God sends me with an inspirational and encouraging message along with a YET PRAISE. Yet will I praise him even through the hard times!

I have learned many things in my life’s successes and failures that I want to share with you. It’s my mission and calling in life to speak into the hearts of women in all stages of their lives and inspiring them to make lasting changes in their lives no matter how old they are. 

Anti-aging to me means- doing all you can do to make yourself healthy, graceful and beautiful on the inside and out!

 I wish you joy and thank you for reading my blog. 


You are born to be a blessing,





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P.O Box 367717 Bonita Springs, Florida 

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