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Love or Hate on Valentines Day?

Oh Valentine’s day, how I love you and hate you at the same time.

Therapists say that Valentine’s day is the most disappointing day of the year for their clients.

It can be amazing for one person and lead another person into a state of  depression.

This V day can change from year to year in your life too.

One year could be a romantic novel with a prince charming, roses, fine dining date and diamond necklace and every girls envy of dozens of roses on your desk.

Then the next year you could be drowning in a box of chocolates and wine you bought for yourself in PJ’s watching a sappy lifetime movie bawling your eyes out and hating your life.

Ladies, why do we put so much value on this day? I’ll tell you why, because we want to FEEL LOVED!

That’s it!!!!!! We are women and we want to feel appreciated for all the things we do and how we have loved our spouses, children and friends. We think great, here’s a day one day out of the year for those that love us to show us some love, it’s so simple and easy….right?????

More than likely we are not receiving gifts all year round or sweet cards from those we love so we just ASUME that someone will take the opportunity of this LOVE day and show us some kind of love.

Hat’s off to all you women out there who have that romantic guy that treats you like a queen everyday and gives you cards and does sweet things and takes you on dates….you are not the ladies I am talking you, you don’t need a Valentine’s day cause you have it all year round I am talking to the other 95% of us.

I have been through more than 50 years of Valentine’s day and beside being a kid and my dad every year getting his 4 daughters a card, candy and a piece of gold jewelry until I left the house at 19 years old  to marry, I have been disappointed pretty much every V day from there on out. I can count on one hand the times I felt loved and appreciated by gifts or cards since then. We can’t have hollywood expectations in our daily life, sometimes there are factors like no money, no time, no babysitters or no ideas that can short change us from having perfect valentine’s day. But, you can get creative and celebrate it on another day, or do something when they kids are sleeping, a phone call, or just write a love note on paper that won’t cost you anything but time. There is NO excuse for not telling or showing someone how you love them.

If you too have set to high of exceptions of this day or have just never liked it because you haven’t had a good one as of yet, I want to show you how to have a great  Valentine’s day.

First and for most, you need to LOVE yourself, yes, you and only you. You need to realize that even though you would like all the things associated with this day, you will be happy in spite of it and not allow your heart to be hurt and hardened because people will always fail you and your expectations.

When you look in the mirror today you can either tear yourself apart and criticize everything you see and hate yourself or you can accept and love yourself. The way you see yourself determines the way you will act and speak about yourself and how you will treat others or how you will allow others to treat you.

This is the most important decision of your day, it will either make it a glorious day or a horrible day.

Once you decide to Love yourself, then you can’t let anything anyone else will do or not do move you.

You are made in the image and likeness of God and He things your all that!

YOU are loved by the almighty GOD!

God has given you the greatest gift ever, His son, and if it was just for you, he would do it all again.

So once you know that you are LOVED by God and yourself then you don’t have to put so much weight on what other’s do or don’t do for you.

Yes. I know we all want to feel loved and yes, it does hurt but the only way to get through the hurt is to do something nice for yourself from yourself then. Go buy your own candy, get a massage, go to the movie set your own date with yourself and if you want you can ask someone else to come along with you.

If you find yourself mad and upset, and unsatisfied on Valentine’s Day you need to talk about it with your significant other.  The only way they’re going to know how to make you happy is if you tell them.  They can’t read your mind.  It will be a lot better when your open and honest with each other.

Regardless of whether you agree with this premise or not, it is important to have realistic expectations—whether you are single or married.

No wonder Valentine’s Day can trigger so much disappointment. It is the only holiday that epitomizes the perfect relationship. And we all know, there is no such thing as the perfect relationship, only in the movies.

So Make your Valentine’s day special by knowing that you are loved by God first, you then others.

Then go ahead and buy those chocolates, the kind you like and feel loved!

Have a HAPPY Valentine’s day!

How many Valentine’s day’s have been amazing for you?

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