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Are you a Dream Chaser?

📷I have been thinking a lot about my dreams and goals that have either come to pass this year or they are still waiting in the wings.

I have been reevaluating what has worked and what has not brought me any closer to my goals.

In your life you are either a watcher or a doer.

You can sit around and watch others do things you wish you could do.

Or you can get up out of your pity party and put some effort into a strategic plan to move you into the direction of your goal.

Good things mostly just don’t happen to fall on you, even though you pray for them, and all the while you  just sit around and wait.

Great things come about with much effort and discipline.

So today in the last month of 2015 you can decide to continue waiting and say in January 2016 I will start that lifestyle change, read more, grow in the field I am called to, start those online classes, start my gym membership, start writing your first chapter in your book, record that CD, start that business, go to church, volunteer, do what fear has held me back to do.

The last month of 2015 can be the best month of 2015.

Don’t be like everyone else and wait to New years day to make a change or an improvement in your life.

Be the one that steps out in faith right now, be different, be ahead of the curve.

What are some changes you are gonna implement  in your life RIGHT NOW to make next year your best year yet?

What are you waiting for, DO IT NOW, Be a Dream chaser not a dream wisher.

Hi I am Stacy and I love to encourage and inspire other women to be the best they can be in this life no matter what stage of life you are in from many of the things I have learned on my life journey

Be the best YOU that God made YOU to be, unapologetically!

For booking info at your next women’s, worship or speaking event contact me at

Always choose to live life in this day,


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