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Are you Feeling Lonely?

Why do I feel alone when there are people around me? Have you ever felt this way?

loneliness means- sadness because one has no friends or company. “feelings of depression and loneliness” the fact of being without companions; solitariness. the quality of being unfrequented and remote; isolation.

Though it’s hard to exactly describe what loneliness feels like, mostly because we all feel it differently, nearly everyone has felt it to some extreme in their life. It can feel like that empty feeling in your stomach when you’re away from someone you love, the sadness of losing someone you care about, the pain of feeling like an outcast, or the agony of loving someone who doesn’t feel the same way about you, or it can just be that you feel alone or empty even when your with someone We can feel lonely when we are unhappy with the quality of how our life is going at this moment. Or when the quantity of our interpersonal relationships seem unfulfilling or void. We can feel lonely because we think we lack connection with friends, family, or partners or a meaningful purpose in life.

Sometimes we’re truly alone, while other times, we simply think we are. Either way, loneliness really stinks and if we don’t fill that void in our heart we can go down a dangerous road that can lead to depression and sickness.

Did you know that lack of good sleep can lead to loneliness?  It can also be caused from a suppressed immune system or it can suppress your immune system. I know this very well from dealing with autoimmune diseases myself and being in this situation that it is NOT a good place to be.

loneliness also causes physiological changes that are worse for us, like spikes in blood pressure or increased concentrations of certain hormones. All of this means that being proactive about our health when we’re lonely can be an extra way to help move ourselves out of negative thinking; if we consciously choose healthy behaviors when we feel our worst, we can not only improve our bodies, but also improve our moods.

I am no doctor but I have found some things that I have to do on a daily basis to combat feelings of loneliness here are some of my ideas:

Reading- I read motivational, encouraging books and the Bilbe that instill in me that I am amazing, talented, smart and mostly loved by God.

Pray- I pray and mediate on who God says I am. I look to Him for strength and courage to face another day. I know He is my best friend and comforter.

Do things for others- When we get out of our pity party mentality and focus on a charity, church, organization or someone less fortunate then you, it takes your mind to a different perspective of how you can be a blessing to someone else and in turn feeling like you have emptied your loneliness vault out and filled it with good deeds and being needed.

Sleep and eat well- Living on fast food and no sleep is no good for anyone especially if you are feeling unbalanced in your thought mind and lonely. Eat healthy even when you don’t feel like eating, sleep well, shut off distractions and learn how to unwind.

Get a hobby- learn something new, a new language, paint, sew,make a craft, get a new job in a different field, make new friends, work out, go the beach and walk while listening to audio books, whatever works in your lifestyle just do something new.

Watch a funny movie- This is one thing that helps me and yes it is only for the 2 hours of the movie time but it can trigger happy thoughts that will replace the sad one’s. The Bible say’s “A merry heart does us good like medicine” Ps 17:22

Get off social media for awhile- the make believe lifestyle’s that you think people are actually living or the way the look is just a filter, really…’s not always real life and don’t allow that Instagram pic get you depressed about your life.

Make a vision board or book- Cut out place and things that you want to come into your life and place it in plain sight. Not so you get sad that you don’t have it now but that you have a vision, a goal and dream for your future. Then make a plan on how to obtain these things and speak out that you are worthy of these things and good things are coming my way.

Write a journal or a prayer log- You might be able to see what it is that is triggering your lonely feelings by seeing what happened before those feelings came. It can also be a way of expressing yourself and an outlet of creativity.

Confide in someone- a therapist or someone you trust that wont say things to you like ” what? snap out of it you have a great life’ Thats not the kind of words you need.

Get up, get dressed and get out of the house.  Sometimes when you feel lonely, all you want to do is throw on pajamas and sulk, right?  But, You’re more likely to reach out to others when you know you look great.  So put on your mascara and  lipstick, fix your hair and put on a cute outfit. It sounds shallow, but a lot of times how you feel on the inside is reflected in the image you put out to the world. Send them a message that says, Hey! I’m worth getting to know. Seriously, look at how adorable I am. Resistance is futile.


Today I pray this helps you in some way to know that everyone faces being lonely or having loneliness linger  for a longer  time than we want. But, we can do the things today to help put us back on the right path.


Hi I am Stacy and I love to encourage and inspire other women to be the best they can be in this life no matter what stage of life you are in from many of the things I have learned on my life journey

Be the best YOU that God made YOU to be, unapologetically!

For booking info at your next women’s, worship or speaking event contact me at

Always choose to live life in this day,


How have you fought loneliness in your own life, I would love to hear from you?

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