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Do You Have Purpose?

Loneliness is not an absence of people… It’s the absence of Purpose.

When you discover your purpose, then the right people will show up!

When we feel lonely its usually because we are bored and have nothing that we are doing productive with our time.

We are not involved in an organization, church, a cause or a dream.

I have found that when I involve myself with a purpose I feel connected to others and I no longer feel lonely or rejected.

Connected to a cause and to other people who have the same concerns as I do opens doors of relationship.

When I get a vision for something myself and have the dream and desire and go out and share it with other like minded people, I find that they too feel my excitement and want to jump on the bus with me and help make my dream come true.

If you are having feelings of loneliness today, get yourself a dream and purpose by spending time thinking and praying for direction in your life.

If you don’t feel like you have one yet then be part of someone else’s and be a support and encouragement to them and soon enough you will birth something in your own heart.

I pray you find your calling in life and live it out with joy and fullness!

What has been brewing in your heart and spirit that you feel is your purpose?

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