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Empty the Junk Drawer

Updated: Mar 4, 2019

I always had one that was filled with , well of course a bunch of junk that always took me forever to find something.

My junk drawer always drove my husband crazy (he’s OCD), but it didn’t bother me that much because well… it was a junk drawer and served that purpose well.

Anytime I had something that had no place or home, it went in that designated drawer.

Then when I started to really think about how that drawer just aggravated me even when it was closed I decided to take some action and relieve my stress and make my hubby a happy man.

I took everything out and put it in specific piles:

KeepDonateThrow it away

After putting all these items in piles I realized there was some things I have not used in years and some things I had multiple’s of like, who needs 25 paper clips or rubber bands or matches ( does anyone even use paper clips anymore?).  I found things that should be in other places and not in the junk drawer. There were also broken things that I was gonna fix when I got around to it but an aroundtoit wasn’t in that drawer… he he.

I went out to the dollar store and got little trays and lined the drawer with contact paper to make it look nice.

Then I discarded the things I haven’t used in years (obviously these items were not important to my life).

I put certain items where they belonged like tools in the garage, beauty items in my bathroom, papers filed, pens that worked in the desk etc.

I put all items in their appropriate homes and the ones that didn’t have a home or I had doubles I decided to give away or find them a new home.

This made finding things that I used much easier to find and eliminated the horror of that drawer and gave my hubby a happy face.

Then we moved from a large house with a big kitchen with many drawers to a very small kitchen with not even enough drawers for my everyday essentials.

There is a saying that goes “a peaceful house equals a peaceful mind”.  I think the reverse is true as well – a cluttered house equals a cluttered mind.

Then I took the biggest step ever… yes, I got out of my 50 something years of a junk drawer and eliminated it… ahhhhhh! What was a girl to do?  Is this even possible to live without a junk drawer?

I was forced to make this drastic change it was not my idea, I was comfortable in my now organized junk drawer.

Today it is almost 2 years and after a time of mourning for my throw all spot of things I would put in there saying one day I will put it in its home I can truly say I am FREE. Hallelujah!!!!!

Of course this reminded me of my life (there’s a sermon in everything 📷 )

When we have drawers of junk and misplaced items like feelings, unforgiveness, disappointment, broken heart, pain, broken pieces, too many things on our plate, frazzled emotions, and stress – we tend to just shove them in the junk drawer of our mind and heart and then live with the circumstances of not tending to these things that can eventually make us stagnant and ineffective in our life and who wants that, not me.

The word ineffective means – not producing any significant or desired effect.  WOW, that’s not a place where I want to live.

By cleaning out those things that might seem so small but life changing, you can see things from an uncluttered mind.

 1 Corinthians 14:33 tells us that our God is a god of peace and not disorder.

“Being organized will bring calmness and peace into our families.”

 So do you a have junk drawer?  Why don’t you try eliminating it like I did, it is totally freeing in more ways then one.

Proverbs 3:6 – Listen for God’s voice in everything you do, everywhere you go; he’s the one who will keep you on track.

Let me know how it goes,  you can do this!



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