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Eyebrows and Aging, What Can a Girl Do?

Before we get started here is some useless facts on eyebrows, who knows you might need it for jeopardy or some game one day…lol.

Eyebrows 101- Age causes brows to thin, becomes coarse unruly and gray ( GREAT thanks)

Eyebrows thin because of hormonal issues, medical treatments, nutritional deficiency and hereditary.

Gray eyebrow hair is a sign of aging from a loss of melanin in the hair follicle.

Un plucked brows have up to 1,000 hairs per brow. Average lifespan of a brow to grow in and fall out is about 4 months.

Ok  now that you have all this eyebrow knowledge let’s get down to whats going on with my aging eyebrows.

Aging is hard enough on us mentality but, when our body joins in on the torment like….things start falling – gravity, turning gray, growing hair where it does not belong, losing hair where it does belong, wrinkles everywhere and  having to get new knees and hips its like give me  break, but really what’s the alternative….we die and leave this earth so we learn to deal with these things and try to work with it instead of against it.

Today in my aging series I wanted to talk about the eyebrows. Yes, those pretty full arched perfectly eyebrows you need to wax and trim so much when you were younger, well they have now turned on you and become gray, unruly, sparse and mostly packed their bags and left your face.

If your like me in my fifties now you have experienced some of these …well, we will call them symptoms.

I noticed about 10 years ago my eyebrows thinning and to be honest I never really used an eyebrow pencil until I was in my mid 40’s. I never had a need for it, my eyebrows although not like Brooke shields they were fine for my small face. Then I had been struggling with a faulty immune system and my body was going haywire and  diagnosed with 2 autoimmune diseases and lots of pain, than medicine and things started to change.

I got my first stubborn thick coarse gray hair in my eyebrow that I quickly plucked out followed by many more that I could not keep up with and then I was making holes and all of a sudden those hairs were not growing back but the ones that were growing in were growing in gray too….ugh, I couldn’t win. Getting old sucks as my older friend would say!

So I asked my hairdresser to save me from my tweezers addiction and save my eyebrows or what was left of them.  It took us a couple of times to get the right color since I was gray and the grays stubbornly didn’t want color deposited on them so the brows were either light or too dark then after a week or so its like those darn grays ate up all the color and were back strong,  gray and shiny standing up straight in all their glory for all to see.

So I started to realize that it was a losing battle with these goliath like grays. I turned to makeup of course and started my quest for the perfect product, pencils, creams, pomade, wax, eyeshadow colors you name it I tried it.  Some made me look like I just a brown sharpie and then some disappeared like the tail end of my eyebrows were now disappearing.

I guess this will be a life long struggle for me but I have laid down those tweezers ( Thanks you Jesus)  and have decided that these gray guys were just gonna have to stay around if I want any eyebrows at all.  So for now I color them they stay for a week or so then I use the product to cover the rest till my next appointment.

Did you have lunch ladies in school that you or others ( not you of course) made fun of with those bushy gray eyebrows or hair on their face or above their lips, they were just scary looking?  I thought to myself, my eyesight is not great and I can’t see anything close without glasses so I believe these poor  women didn’t even see those hairs so that’s why they didn’t fix them. Oh,  but not today we have 10, 12 or 15 times lighted magnifying lights to look into and not only see those hairs but see everything else magnified to get us more focused on some flaws that are not even visible to a young person with great vision.

It’s a trap I tell you, walk away, or a least only look at a mirror with a magnified  amount that you can see but don’t go that BIG for God’s sake it will depress you. I am talking to you from experience unfortunately!

If this horror gray eyebrow story is something you went through or are going through please let this girl know what you did and what worked for you and I will try it …….I really will.

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