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Get Organized

📷Do you know that organized people are not born organized people!

They have to learn to cultivate healthy habits, which then help them to stay organized.

They just don’t wake up organized, it is a lifelong journey that takes  yearly, monthly and daily decision’s to purpose and plan out to do..

Here are the essential habits to use to keep your life in order:

They De-clutter

Go through your closets, cabinets, counters, drawers, purses, office, car or anywhere you have STUFF and lay it all out and think about each item and say to yourself:

Is this item still useful?

Still fit and flatter me?

Will I lose 25 pounds soon to wear this?

Would I purchase this now if I saw it in a store?

Does it function properly or is it un fixable?

Do I have too many of these?

Does this bring me joy?

Can someone else use this more than me?

Can I sell this and make some money?

These are a few questions that will help you detach from items that no longer serve you a purpose.  Remember you can still have the memory of an item in a picture or in your heart.  So give away, sell or donate  those items and you can drop a few pounds right there. Declutter your life – declutter your mind!

We all know someone that remembers every birthday and sends cards for every holiday. It’s not magic and most don’t use memorization, especially the older we get. Trying to remember things will not help you to stay organized, it will drive you mad. I use my iPhone and put birthdays, anniversaries etc in my calendar to come up yearly and I have a written back up too ( Im such a dinosaur) . I also write down a grocery list so when I get in the store I am not spending too much valued time  and spending too much money. I also immediately, while standing at the checkout put into my phone calendar my doctor , hair or Vet appointments. This takes so much stress away from your mind when you can’t find those appointment cards in your purse.

Organized people DO NOT waste time.  They recognize that keeping things organized goes hand-in-hand with staying productive. They make and keep schedules for the day and week. They make deadlines and set goals. And most importantly, they and stick to them!  Make a vision board of where you want your life to be this year and cut out pictures and come up with a plan to get you there.

This is and has always been the hardest thing for me.  I grew up with the saying ” If you want something done right, do it yourself”.  I believed and lived it and it almost killed me.  Learning to let go of some control is hard but so freeing.  Let the kids make their own bed, so what if it’s not perfect. Let someone else do all the cooking and hosting, you don’t HAVE to do it all. This was the first Christmas I did not do all the cooking , baking, cleaning, hosting in my whole adult life ( I am 54 now) and look I survived, was it easy to let go NO but I did it …can I get a high five!

A really organized life is not overfilled with responsibilities, meetings, and deadlines. In fact, it has less because things that create stress have been slowly organized out.

As an experiment, look at your to-do list or make one. Go through the list and find one task that you can remove from your list or give to someone else. Now feel the stress of having to do it fall away. It feels so good!!!!

You know what makes the difference between good and great? Just a little more effort!!

Put in a little more effort in the things that matter most in your life.  Once you have delegated responsibilities and made a schedule, then you can organize what you HAVE  to do and WHEN  you can do it.

Staying organized is not a walk in the park. It  requires that you work hard to get your ducks in a row and stick to your routine. Don’t waver and in time your life will be a delight and a blessing to yourself and those around you.

What are some ways you organize your life?

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