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Go Deeper Don't Settle for the Surface

📷We all in life want to go deeper into something!

Wether it be learning a new trade, taking more classes, becoming a better spouse or parent, learning and growing more in our spiritual journey, we all want to be able to see improvement in the area we are targeting.

It can get frustrating when we are not growing at a pace that we think we should be at already.

We can tend to beat ourselves up and even get depressed and then compare our progress with someone else’s.

Don’t fall into that trap no matter how easy it is to do.

You have to redirect that energy to you and your growth and put on those blinders to those around you.

It is great to look to other successful people and gleam from and learn from them but, never allow yourself to compare your growth to theirs.

You never know what someones has gone through to get them to the point they are at.  If you did know, you might not want to do the same things they did because it was hard.

I remember the old story of a bunch of people in a room and everyone got some paper lunch bags, they had a bunch of cut out paper and were told to write one issues they were dealing with on each piece of paper. It could be on any  problems, health issues, money challenges and things that they went through in their life physically, mentally or spiritually. Then they were to put it in the back tie it up and throw it into the middle of the room in a pile without their names on it so all the bags looked the same. Then they mixed up the bags  and  asked the people  to go to the pile and pick out a bag and read it. when they were done reading it they were asked if they thought that others lives were better than there own struggles and would they like to switch lives? Every single person had decided clear;y that they wanted their own bag of troubles back.

I believe that God gives us an amazing grace to handle the things that come to us and we have the choice to learn and grow through them or let them debilitate us.

So, I like to build myself up daily in the Word of God and through personal growth so when the storms of life hit ( and you know they will) I am not running on empty with strength, wisdom and the power that God has given me to be an overcomer in this world.

Set apart a time of  15 minutes a day to reading something uplifting, motivational and encouraging to fill up your faith tank.

It will help renew and refresh your mind daily and set your heart at ease to know that you are strong, stronger than you think.

You are powerful. Don’t ever lose sight of how powerful you really are. Life will knock you down and derail your path, but you don’t have to give in! Don’t let the tough times demoralize your beauty. You have a unique skill set that no one else possesses.

You are here to make a difference and make this world a better place. Just remember, you are far greater than any problem or circumstance that stands in your way!

I would love to know what you like to read or listen to listen that helps bring everything into focus and gives you peace?

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