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Is it only me or do you also sometimes get weary in well doing?

We can be so busy going about our life and doing life that we just burn out.

We can bring this feeling on by taking on too much or by not being able to say NO to people.

Our thoughts and actions need to change if we want to have a life of peace and joy and not just exhaustion and regret.

You can’t make a habit about doing everything for everyone and not take care of yourself at the same time because , it will catch up to you, I know that for a fact.

Your body and mind are the only ones you will get in this life, that’s it, you can’t get new ones.

We need to shift our expectations of ourselves and of others to less is more.

You are not weak you are strong, you are called for great things but, you can’t do them all when your thoughts sound like this:

I am not qualified, Im not good enough, I’ll never make 100k, I can never have a healthy love relationship, I can’t have children,  my kids will never change, I can’t launch my own business or ministry or I am just too old and tired to do anything worth value anymore, I feel unloved and worthless.

You need to work on you first before taking on anything new. You have to change your thoughts because they will change you life.

You will never be able to change others (I know from experience that all the prayers you can pray for someone to change or stop an abusive behavior or habit won’t work, you can’t change anyone else’s  will…. thats witchcraft) you can only change how you see that issue or how you decide to react or you can decide not to participate in that action or relationship anymore for your own self worth and health no matter what anyone else has to say about it. I have done this myself and I understand how people will never really understand  “WHY” you did something you did but, the only one who really matters is you and God, so never let those people put you in a prison because you decided to take ahold of your life, now you hold the keys to your  peace and freedom.

You can’t be thinking about all the worse case scenarios when you make decisions. Take hold of those thoughts right now and think of all the good that will happen instead as God says His word is a light to our path.  He will never leave us guessing or in darkness if we put it in His hands and look to Him for wisdom and direction.

Endurance, persistence, perseverance  and strength is what we need and only God can give us these things as we trust in Him.

Expect God to do great things, it’s in your heart, mind, mouth and ultimately in your hands even if bad things have happened in the past, your future is bright and  your best is yet to come.

Expect good….. get good.

Be kind to yourself,


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