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Instagram Perfect Life

Let me make this real clear…..I Love Instagram!

I really do love instagram, I have learned how to decorate my home in a country farm decor, learned how to make a better chicken dish, I went to the feed for some #OOTD inspiration but then there are those times when you just get lost in hashtag heaven and you can’t help but think….Why am I not in Paris right now buying my 6th piece of louie Vuitton and eating macaroons a from Laduree as I float on the river seine?

Lets just get INSTA- REAL, Lets face it  you and I never will have that instagram life that we see as we scroll up and down that newsfeed.

Do you know why?  Because nobody does!!!!!!

Its a a facade, it’s make believe, it is like a movie and not real life!

Yes of course some people are extremely blessed and do a lot of shopping and traveling but, the majority of the people you are following are just like YOU and ME! the REAL women of the world!

Sorry to burst your INSTA-BUBBLE!!  (I know I can’t stop using the insta- it’s so much fun now.)

But, we all don’t go out to fancy restaurants every night, most of the time its a PBJ, mac and cheese or a frozen pizza in my oven.

So trying to fit into a make believe world will certainly drive you crazy and send you to the poor house in the process.

Too many people spend money they have not earned to impress people they dont know or like!

Who has the time or energy for that, Not me or you.

Some of us have kids to raise, jobs to master, businesses to run, dinners to cook, schoolwork, caring for our older parents, you know REAL LIFE!  Let’s make some real reality TV!

I want to spend my days creating the life that is  mine to create, not pretending with fancy filters that my reality looks like someone else’s idea of perfect.

Wherever you go in life—online, offline, or to Paris one day,  show up as you.  The real you. Show up with your one beautiful not perfect crazy messy life and love who you are right now.

God made you one of a kind, You’re original., He said you were a masterpiece!

You have your own way of seeing the world, and you don’t  need to fit into someone else’s square-cropped  instagram sized box.

So go ahead and post that picture of your  queen sized bed full of laundry you have to do while still in your Pj’s  smiling at 2 pm. Share that with the world.  Because your life, your real one, the one you’re living right now—is pretty INSTA- perfect, just as it is.

Let’s just get Insta -real and live the life we were blessed with and capture the moments that make our life worth living.

Oh and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @mydolcesoul……. he he he, no Im not kidding go follow me :)) I’m serious…lol.

How do you handle seeing instagrams of your friends and people that you don’t know living the life you wish you could escape to every now and then, how do you keep it in perspective?

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