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Just Receive the Seed

I wanted to share with you today something so simple yet powerful!

It is important  to align our words with the Word of God.

When we stop saying what we think, and start saying what is written in God’s promises, we choose life and the Blessing of the Lord.

Get the mindset that your opinion does not matter any longer.

You must come into a kingdom mindset with Jesus being the KING!

Jesus did not say I have come that you may have religion. No, He said in John 10:10 that He came to give us life and an abundant life.

We now as kingdom citizens  and have an assignment on our life , let’s get going on our assignment.

One word of God can change your life forever, but you must be reading it and speaking it.

The Word  does no good just sitting in the book on your coffee table.

Your natural mind is not designed to believe,  your mind is  there to make decisions.

BUT, Your heart is there to receive the word as a seed  as a women is designed to receive the seed from a man to conceive a baby, she does nothing but receive it  and then she waits for the baby to be born.

We need to just receive God’s word like Mary said ” Be it unto me” she believed and received, she did not try to figure this whole impossible thing out  to happen in her mind, if she did she would have been going from her heart to her mind.

Your mind cannot receive the promise of God, you must believe in your Heart first and except that seed and let it grow and then the mind of Christ will then take over.

The seed knows what to do, just leave it it the ground and stop digging it up.

Stand back and watch God’s promise grow, thats called faith!

What word seed is growing inside of you today?

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