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Domestic violence is no joke.

Domestic Violence is no joke ladies, please be wise:

Here’s an important link for information if you feel like you are experiencing these occurrences.

If He has hit you once, He has demonstrated he thinks violence is acceptable in your relationship. End it now. And if anyone ever says ” well, some women deserved it”, walk away from them too, no one deserves to be hit or hurt yet a women from a strong man. Find someone who is not violent, but honors the women God made you to be. This absolutely should be a deal-breaker. You can accept apologies, but you should still leave him. Do not accept promises that he will change.

People who practice domestic violence are power hungry, controlling, great liars and sometimes have a secret life of porn addiction, sexual abuser or paying for sex. If at some point he has gone through significant effort to address his violent tendencies, especially therapy, and is therefore no longer mean, controlling or violent, it might ( with constant reassurance in their actions) be worth giving him a second chance. It must be a choice he makes for himself though. This must be a demon he purges from his personality for his own reasons. If therapy is a hoop he’s jumping through to keep you from leaving, it’s not going to work, and the problem will arise again. Don’t say “go to therapy or I’m leaving you.” Leave him, and if and when he is a different man, evaluate it then. most of the time they don’t change until they lose everything and come to themselves but Don’t count on it happening. Live your life free from abuse, there are plenty men out there that would love and respect you .enough, pray for God’s perfect one for you.

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