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No New Easter Dress for Me

This Easter I am not buying a  new dress to wear for church!  GASP!!!!!

Why, you ask? Don’t you do it every year?  The answer is  a resounding Yes!

Well,  I have been going through my clothes and selling, donating and giving them away for the last year or so  and I have felt such a release in my mind, body and spirit that has been so freeing to me.

I have decided to live a more simple life with less focus on wearing what’s hot and now but more about whats right for me now in this stage of my life ( My age and my lifestyle) and what looks best on my body shape I have right now, not the one I wish I had, can I get an Amen ladies?

In this journey of living a more natural and organic lifestyle, it  has also dropped a lot of stress off me.

One of those stressers is called people pleasing and living up to the standards that others have put on me.

Yes, this has been a long road and a hard lesson to learn, but my life is looking better and better in my latter years then in my former years. My best is yet to come!

In my past I was always under such stress to have the right look (I was always on display being on a stage singing and ministering) to  look a certain  way to act a certain way to have the friends others told me to have or not to have and in all that, I lost the REAL ME!

So while I stand in my closet and look at the many beautiful things I do have left I have a grateful heart, not a heart that longs for more and better or feels sorry for herself.

In the end it is all about the people you love and the ones that truly love you back that matter.

It is not about the next fad or the accumulation of stuff in your home or your closet that makes you a success or a great person, its the growth you have given to yourself to be the real authentic YOU!

As a matter of fact a cluttered home, closet, purse, car or desk means a cluttered mind.

Lets declutter our minds by living a more simplified  life.

A life that you will be proud to have lived when you take your last breath with those that you loved all around you.

A overflowing closet will not love you back.

A life spent always trying to get more money to buy more things to impress more people you don’t know is just stupid, stressful, time consuming and expensive.

You can spend most of your life working long hard hours that you have no time or energy left for your family and you have made no memories to look back on.

We all have to work to live, and we all have dreams and goals in life, I know I do but, we need to strike a balance for our own peace, health and tranquility.

God never meant us to be so tired from working that we have no quality time to spend with Him or our loved ones.

So take a moment today on this Holy Holiday weekend and reevaluate what your priorities are and make a conscience effort to place what matters first, first and foremost!

Oh and don’t worry about wearing one of the dresses you already have for Easter Sunday Church service or family get together, all anyone wants is your time and attention, who can even remember what you wore last Easter anyway?  Except for your instgram friends :).

Let’s make Easter what it is really is about which is the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and not focus on new clothes, bunnies, peeps ( I do love me a peep) and chocolate ( well,  everything in moderation).

So this is why “I”  have chosen to not buy a Easter dress (I’m not telling you to do this).  By all means if you need a dress and have the money to buy one go do it and if you need some help call me I can help you find the perfect one, Im really good at it!

You can have a full closet but an empty heart! I have chosen to fill my heart this Easter and be grateful for all my blessings without needing to add another “thing” to my closet.


If you don’t have the money or choose to save that money for a vacation with the family or a pool ( that’s what Im doing)  Take what you have and see it in a different light, add a accessory, a belt or a colorful jacket  to change it up and it becomes new to you. Either way, you will be beautiful!

Have a Blessed Easter and a memorable time with those you love!

Love and Peace,


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