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Revamp Your Wardrobe

It’s a New year and the time to take a look at what you wore and didn’t wear this past year and take an inventory of your closet and get organized.

You can sell those items or give them away to family, friends or charity, I personally love giving my gently used items to a women’s shelter because these women who are coming out of an abusive relationship usually leave their home quickly and have no time to grab their clothes especially when their life is in danger so they have nothing to wear and usually have no money to buy anything.

Take everything out of your closet and put all the items on your bed or on a garment rack so you can clearly see what you have.

Here’s some points to refresh your capsule wardrobe:

If you have not worn it in a year, you will more than likely never wear it. Unless it is a coat that you only wear when you travel to a cold climate or a formal outfit.If you have too many of one kind of item, like a striped shirt, decide what ones makes you happy  and fit well and give or sell the others. Too much of a good thing is just clutter.Only keep the colors that look good on you. I personally love reds on everyone but many reds don’t look good on me with so much pink in my skin. You can still incorporate those colors in accessories.Try on your clothes and take out the ones that don’t fit your body now. Stop holding on to items that one day will fit you when your 4 sizes smaller. You can keep one piece as a motivation but anything else is just clutter and better served by someone who can use it now before it goes out of style :).Let go of pieces that bring back certain memories, good or bad. It is just a garment, you either have that good memory in your heart or in pictures and if its bad stop beating yourself up by seeing it every time you open your closet. Of course I m not talking about a wedding dress or a special piece your grandma left to you, be selective but remember your memory is better than a garment.Either wear, sell or bring back items with tags still on them. Thats just wasteful.Try to get new ideas of mixing and matching different items, look at different fashion magazines and get inspired. Be realistic, some things will never come back on style ( 80’s) just let it go, let it go. Take items that don’t fit you well to a tailor and it will become a new piece that you can wear with confidence.Get rid of stained or damaged items, stop keeping things to wear when you paint or clean…lol, is that just me.

It’s better to have a small wardrobe with clothes you actually wear than a closet filled with clothes and yet everyday you still have problems finding what to wear because of style, fit or the overflowing unorganized mess of your closet. De cluttering is shown to help with anxiety and stress. Make getting ready a joy instead of a stressful experience. Start your day with peace.

Having a few good investment pieces that are more costly because they are made to stand the test of time such as:

a good pair of black pants

good fitting pair of jeans

a white blouse

a blazer

a LBD – little black dress

a great fitting well made black shoe- kitten or high heel

These items will last you a long time and you can use in every outfit.

Save your money on the trendy items that will not last till next season whether its a trendy color, pattern, hat or jewelry.

Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn or whoever you like. Let fashion icons influence you, but don’t ever forget your own personal style. That’s what makes your fashion unique.

Fashion is meant to be fun and inventive, be yourself and who knows someone might be channeling your stye one day.

Have you started a clean out in your closet yet?

Fashionably yours.


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