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Self Approval

Do you know the only approval that truly matters is self approval. When you are so hurt by those you thought would love you forever it is a very hard realization to live by.

But you need to allow your self-love and respect for your uniqueness override the negative emotions brought up by rejection from those you love.

Even if you made a mistake, but they never let it go and hold it over you for your entire life, you need to let that rejection go or it will slowly kill you. Those that once loved you have changed their mind or have just decided to make you pay for some situation that occurred until you die. That is their decision and you can’t change that but you can try your best and when you are continually rejected and overlooked you can then walk away and leave them to their own outcome no matter how much it kills you inside. Yes, it will hurt more than words can say and tear you apart but with God’s help you will survive and one day be made whole again if you choose.

Once you’re conscious of your worth,  that pain of rejection will lose its power over you.

You might not feel good about being rejected, but you will bounce back again if not today soon. God loves you and will never leave you and that is the only love we can forever count on.

Most importantly, you must continue to embrace life even when you feel like you do not want to go on. We need to focus on the people that do love us and think we are worthy off love and respect even though the others have done everything to shut us out and try to destroy our will to live life to the fullest.

Those of us that are wounded can take that pain eventually and turn it into helping others that have also experienced it and are at the point of despair like you were. You might be at a point of being worn out from trying to be a part of their lives, until  you decide I don’t want to be a part of anyone who wants no part of me any longer.

Give yourself time to heal and know that there is more to life than living in the pain from rejection, eventually you will rise from those ashes and see yourself as God see’s you again.


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