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Stop Limiting Yourself

Are you being hindered in your life by limitations?

Either by the ones others  put on you or the ones you have put on yourself ( Self imposed limits) ?

Limitations in the dictionary  is described as:

– the act of controlling the size or extent of something

– the act of limiting something

– something that controls how much of something is possible or allowed

– something (such as a lack of ability or strength) that controls what a person is able to do

Let’s break this down:

the word limit means:

The final, utmost, or furthest boundary or point as toextent, amount,continuance, procedure, etc.:

So we see that limit means the furthest boundary point or the end of something like you saying ” I have gone far enough, Im at my limit. What you are saying is I have put my OWN finality on my ability or what I feel like I can take.

When you do that then your brain registers that is your breaking point or your spot of limitation.

You have made it clear to yourself and others that this is where you STOP!!!!!

In a relationship standpoint you may say I am done with being understood or abused and you are at your limit because of what someone else has done to you (external).  You have now set up limitations in your mind by not allowing any further hurtful words or actions to come to you, so you either walk away from the relationship or you make sure they know where your limits are in how they treat you.

We can also limit and self sabotage ourself by our own words (internal).  Words over our own self are the most limiting because YOU have spoken them, that means you believe them and act upon them, it’s self inflicted.

Such as:

I could never do that.

Im not good at that.

I could never see myself owning my own business, Im just not smart enough.

I could never see myself living in a big home

I can’t write a book I’m not a professional journalist

I could never see myself with a Master’s degree…….etc- fill in the blank.

Living life without limits (such as self-imposed limits as well as limiting beliefs) is an ambitious target that many individuals seek to reach.

Here’s a horse story:

In order to set self imposed limits into the thinking of  a horse, they get tied up with a halter and a heavy sack that simulates a rider. For a couple of days, the horse will try to free itself from the load, until it accepts that it can’t break free. At this point a person might try to lay its body across the horse’s back to test if the horse accepts the equestrian. If the horse does so then it can be ridden the first time.

From this very moment on, the horse strongly accepts the fact that it is Limited and that it can’t get rid of the rider on its back. Furthermore, the horse believes the self imposed limit that it is NOT able to free itself, no matter how hard it tries. Horses believe these only in their mind existing limits so strongly that they will NOT attempt to break FREE because of their past experiences when they were not able to do so.

Wow, we are also like that horse in so many ways.  If we have failed at something once our mind tells us – don’t try that again remember you failed last time.

Failure is part of growing.  Just like when my babies were taking their first steps, they get up and fall, they get up and fall again and again until one day they are off walking on their own. , then running.


I wish us as adults would have the child like faith that even when we fall or fail at something that it is not final in our life.

Could you imagine if some of those babies never got back up and tried again we would have some  20-90 year olds in this world still crawling on the floor. That just sounds ridiculous right?

Unfortunately, a lot of humans behave like those horses when it comes to self-imposed limits, limiting believes and the self-programming with built-in-boundaries that only exist in their minds.

Instead let’s be like those babies and do what the Bible say’s in Micah 7:8

Do not rejoice over me [amid my tragedies], O my enemy! Though I fall, I will rise; Though I sit in the darkness [of distress], the Lord is a light for me.

These thoughts are in your mind first but you can allow yourself to dwell on them then they become  permanently branded on your heart.  Just like how they brand the cattle.

I can’t help but think about that old song ” I get knocked down, but I get up again…..I think I sing that in my head often and it helps me move on.

The antidote to limited thinking about yourself is BIG thinking, this will increase your motivation.

An important and effective method to living life without limits and freeing yourself from self-limiting believes is to “Think Big”. Once you start visualizing and dreaming about all the amazing things you can achieve in your life you actively destroy your self-imposed boundaries.

So today, gain more self confidence by expanding your limits and boundaries.

You can remove those horse limiting beliefs and live without limits which is always outside that comfort zone.

Let’s have some baby thinking and get rid of a horse mentality.

What are some ways you have Thought Bigger than those limitations in your mind and pushed through?

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