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Take the Pressure off of Valentines Day


It’s the week of Love!

How’s your love life?  Or I should say, how is your life of Love?

When I was a child my dad would get each of his 4 daughters a valentine, it was always a piece of gold jewelry and a amazing card that he had spent days of searching to get the perfect card for the right child and  a chocolate heart filled with assorted chocolates that I would bite into each one to taste them, anyone else do that? It was the only time my father ever bought us a gift or was part of any buying of a gift for his girls (birthdays and Christmas included). It was a day that we cherished and today it’s the same feeling I get from Valentine’s day. Today things have changed and I am mostly taking care of him now that he is 80 years old and living with me full time. These days because of his fixed income I don’t get those gifts of gold but I do get a valentine card that is always perfectly picked even if it’s from a dollar store :).

When I lived in New York I had my home robbed, it was amateurs (kids) and they took my jewelry box and emptied all my jewelry into a bag and left. My heart was broken, all the years of memories from my dad now were gone because some kids wanted something to sell for drug money. Every irreplaceable piece that my dad gave me no matter how inexpensive or expensive they were represented a certain time in my life and were sentimental and  not replaceable through any insurance money.

Even though I don’t have those precious memories in my hands to look at today I still have my dad with me and if you are blessed to have someone with you to love on Valentines day, you have the greatest gift of all.

Share your unconditional love you have with those that God has placed in your life not only on Valentine’s day but each day that you are fortunate to have them in your life. Gifts only last so long but a love that is founded on real love not a commercial hallmark love will last forever. I personally an a card lover, and I would always tell my son when he was sad because he could not afford to buy me anything to get a card and write something from his heart, these are my most cherished gifts to this day.

You don’t need a significant other to have a wonderful Valentine’s day, honor those that are in your life right now with your love, your family and friends and avoid that trap of feeling depressed that you don’t have a mate to enjoy this day. For those of us that have a spouse or sweetheart ,don’t put pressure on them and your finances to measure up to how the media portrays a successful valentine’s day should be. Be creative and work within your budget on gift giving, have a home cooked meal, bake a cake write your own card out with how you feel about them instead of using a greeting card.  The main thing is letting that person know that you love them and are here for them no matter where you are in life right now. Love conquers all!!!

1 John 4:19The Message We, though, are going to love—love and be loved. First we were loved, now we love. He loved us first.

What are some of your favorite Valentines moments or gifts you received?

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