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Thanksgiving Prep Time

📷So it’s that time of year again.  Time to clean out the spice cabinet and check the expiration dates on all those holiday spices and really find out how many pumpkin pie spice jars you really have ? Don’t worry your not alone we have all bought another can of pumpkin or pumpkin pie spice in fear of the dreaded empty shelves the day before Thanksgiving.

This is how I prepare:

Try to get your final count of your guests down so you will know how much food and space at the tables you will need.Have your menu ideas in place and write that shopping list. Never make a new recipe on a Holiday, that has disaster written all over it unless you do a trial run the week before.Arrange where you are going to set up your table if you don’t have a dining room. I no longer have a Dining room myself and I have no more than a 4 seated table in my kitchen so I am trying to figure this one out myself. Clean up and prepare the room.Narrow down that menu that can feed a whole block when you are only having 8 people. Preaching to the choir here.Knifes, forks and utensils inventory.  Are you using silverware that needs polishing well, get the kids to do that. If not make sure you have enough or treat yourself to some new ones and throw those rusted things out. Use this – Oh Hubby Im so embarrassed  by our utensils ( showing him the ugliest ones ) and there you go,  get you Bed bath and beyond coupon out and tell him you can save money on them too. Your welcome Ladies !Set up the table in advance. Once less thing to do and yes the kids can help and when their done you can fix it to perfection when they leave the room…lolGet most of your canned and non perishable shopping done a week before to guarantee you get them. Dont forget the cranberry sauce, I always do that!Involve the guests in the process by asking them to bring one of their own family food traditions or the drinks.Vow to yourself to  have a good time instead of being a servant the whole night, it’s ok to ask for help. I have to remind myself this all the time. In the morning while its quiet, have your coffee and watch the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade it’s been our families tradition for generations now.Invite someone different this year, look around ask your friends if they have plans, or invite a Military family or someone who lost a family member that year who might be not up to cooking themselves. There are hurting people all around us, Let’s open up our eyes and find that someone who needs some love and food.Never trust your oven. Get an oven thermometer, there is nothing worse than spending all your time and effort on cooking and something is under or over cooked.Give Thanks to GOD for all your blessings and enjoy the people you are with, take pictures and EAT UP, Calories don’t count on Thanksgiving…right?

Did you notice that my tips spell out Thanksgiving….How smart or corny am I?

So If you are hosting then get to work on having a killer ( sorry turkeys) of a Thanksgiving meal and if you are blessed to be a guest remember bringing a hostess gift or flowers might just get you an extra piece of pie 📷

Have a Blessed Thanksgiving my friends


What are some of your Thanksgiving favorites?

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