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Think First, Then Do

Updated: May 22, 2019


It is said that “Thinking perceives achievement”.

Are you taking time to think today?

Thinking means: using thought or rational judgment. The process of using one’s mind to consider or reason about something.

We are so trained to do do do and that is what I have done done done all my life.  I was such a busy beaver doing work work work but was I really accomplishing anything significant?

So for me to stay still and just do nothing but think was and is the hardest thing to do.

I have found when I just become still and think a bit before saying “Yes” to a project or jumping into my days chores or errands I produce greater results.

Making a list was always a chore for me because I was coming from a place of doubt, what I mean is that I would see the list, that very long list and I would panic or feel overwhelmed on the inside and get discouraged before I even began.

I would write down everything I needed to do not just that day but for that week, that month even my whole life.

I had to learn to separate my list of the things I need to do today from the goals for my whole life.  I could not sleep if I knew laundry was in the wash basket or the kids clothes were not laid out for school tomorrow or lunches were not made…ugh, such stress I lived with on a daily basis.

Granted some of us have to do it all and never had a partner to help us with anything and things just needed to get done. My heart goes out to you that are in this situation since I have been there myself  but, I want you to know that the world will not end if the clothes didn’t get washed before bedtime, you have other things to wear.

When I learned how to prioritize things in order of what was needful instead of what I thought HAD to be done, only then did things become easier to handle physically, mentally and spiritually.

I love that the bible talks alot of thinking. In Philippians 4:8 it say’s:

For the rest, brethren, whatever is true, whatever is worthy of reverence and is honorable and seemly, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely and lovable, whatever is kind and winsome and gracious, if there is any virtue and excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think on and weigh and take account of these things [fix your minds on them].

If we take time to think on things that are lovely and a good report then we can face the day knowing that I am going to do what is on my prioritized list today, and  by the Grace of God I will get these things done in a timely matter and if I don’t I will be ok with knowing that I have done my best and tomorrow is a new day to start all over again.

When we plan to succeed we will succeed, when you don’t plan you will not get the results you hoped for.

When we get our mind and heart in peace and think on good things and believe we are able to do what we are called to do in this life we will live a life of fulfillment.

Take time to just STOP and THINK before you speak or start your daily grind in a quiet place so God can download some ideas into your heart and mind to make your day fruitful!

What are you thinking  about today?

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Kalli Locklear
Kalli Locklear
Mar 22, 2019

Love this post!

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